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A little about us

Our team has one simple goal:  Provide the best ingredients for our clients!

This can be achieved by keeping you educated and well informed about what it is your are using!  We want to give you all the knowledge and background on the ingredients we believe can give you results that are not just immediate, but long term and sustained!  We believe in providing excellent and cutting edge skin care innovations to our clients and we are thrilled you are here to enjoy our collection of skin care products!  Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions!

Three premium skincare products designed to live with you, not on you.

Our Story

DesireeMD was created to address the skin concerns for the majority of people who have been looking for better solutions. Dr Ram’s patients constantly were lacking good options out in the stores, and Dr Ram made a promise to help these patients by providing a better formulation for a better value. Since we first decided to create DesireeMD, it’s been one heck of a ride! But throughout this experience, we’ve stayed dedicated to the idea that got us started: inspiring beauty and providing true results. Dr Ram is very happy to use the latest in skin care research in his products and his experiences with treating of thousands of patients with various skin conditions.

About Dr. Ram

Dr Ramin Ram is a board certified dermatologist who specializes in restoring natural beauty to his patients.  With over 100,000 patients in his network, and vast experience treating hundreds of skin disorders, he has realized that most of his patients were not achieving ideal results with their skin care regimen.  

Dr Ram soon introduced his own skin care line to these patients, which include unique growth factors, moisturizers, anti-oxidants, and plant based ingredients to bring out a youthful appearance.  The patients immediately noticed improvements in their skin, and Dr Ram soon realized how useful these products can be to anybody who wants great skin.
These products are now available, and include 3 different creams.  A unique anti-aging product, an Eye Cream, and a Skin Brightener for brown spots and discoloration. 
These products are specifically designed to address the three most common skin concerns that a majority of patients face.  With careful attention to the underlying scientific medical causes of skin conditions, Dr Ram has chosen a very effective set of ingredients to help make a true difference in his patients' lives. 

Our Values

Our commitment to you is to provide high quality products that work effectively. Our products are backed by scientific research. We believe in the old-fashioned tradition of providing active ingredients that you will see the difference after using. We aim to give you the latest information on skin care products that restore a more youthful appearance.

Our Guarantee

We stand behind our products 100%. We are confident that you will be enjoying the benefits of these products tremendously. If you are not satisfied, we will gladly give you a full refund within 30 days. Please review our Returns Policy for more information.

Thank you!

DesireeMD Team