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January 31, 2018

One of the biggest surprises you will see in skin care:  Natural is good!  I always tell my patients that while many natural products are fantastic, such as fruits and vegetables, many other natural things are toxic and possibly deadly. 

Think of poison ivy, snake venom or stinging nettle!  None of us would dare expose ourselves to these!  The trick is to realize that many fashion trends and marketing strategies exist to distract consumers into believing this myth. 

The savvy person always looks at the ingredients critically and understands that very high quality products can be designed to improve skin function, structure and appearance in a completely safe and healthy fashion.

 However, there are several exciting natural elements that are constantly making their way into mainstream medicine:
1) Vitamins– we are now very aware that a variety of vitamins are crucial for anti-oxidation and cancer prevention.  They also help with damage against sun and the toxic conditions of the environment
2) Honey– Honey has become a major source of wound healing focus by the pharmaceutical industry.  Anywhere from burns to cuts and open wounds, many scientists are studying the positive and potentially beneficial effects of this ingredient for application on the skin.
3) Sulfur —  Has been used to treat infection and inflammation, and is the key ingredient to one of the strongest antibiotics
4) Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin C — All are crucial to keeping the integrity of the skin among many other vital bodily functions.
5) Phyto-stem cells– We are now looking into stem cells from plants that are promising!  They have the capacity to provide powerful stimulus to our skin and increase the production of collagen, and allow for more vibrant and robust appearance.  Although we are still in the experimental stage, there is a growing movement towards the field of stem cells and how they can improve many different organ functions including the skin!
As you can see there are many examples of when mother nature knows best– but as always, we need to be cautious not be assume everything that is natural is good for our skin and body!