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January 31, 2018

You ever heard of the old saying:  “It sucks getting old”?  It probably came from the skin!  As we age, the skin takes one of the biggest hits.  The sun causes breakdown of protein, and you lose the thickness of blood vessels. 

The color of the skin changes to accommodate and protect against the ultraviolet exposure.  As a result, we get wrinkles, bruises and very dry skin.  This is why there is no single solution when it comes to skin care!  We need to fix the multitude of issues that arise on all different levels. 

As an educated consumer, you need to look into skin care products that sound too good to be true, and make sure you to select a group of products that will address these different concerns!

Let’s start with the basics:

  1. A moisturizer — Did you know?  One of the first signs of dehydration is wrinkled skin! Believe it or not, the skin is constantly losing water during a very passive process.  It loses even more when we exercise, sweat and during different normal and abnormal functions.  A good moisturizer provides a seal for your skin from water loss and further improve the tone of the skin, thickness and brilliance and glow.


  1. Exfoliation– Since the top layer of skin often defends against sun damage, toxic environmental damage, physical damage and others, many anti-aging products will try to create constant exfoliation to enhance the appearance and texture and often the color of the skin. This can be achieved with retinol, a vitamin A derivative, a variety of acids such as glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acid acid.  Some of these products are part of the chemical peels that dermatologists use, and some of these products can be found in anti-aging products as well.


  1. Brown color fading cream — One of the most difficult conditions to treat are brown spots and patches that we get on our hands and face.  Many doctors often fail to achieve success with the prescription products, and many laser machines may be too aggressive causing scars and further discoloration.  A good fading cream actually focuses on moisturizing the area thereby naturally improving the appearance.  Other natural ingredients such as licorice extract and kojic acid will provide improvement to melanin (pigment) deposition into the skin.